Southern Dawg Personalized Dog Bandanas


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Design Description

The classic style of the south is embodied in this collection of Southern Dawg seersucker dog bandanas. Through its Southern Dawg line, Yellow Dog Design introduces people all over the world to the south’s timeless, traditional style.

Yellow Dog Dog Bandanas

Adding a bandana to your pup’s wardrobe is a great way to give them a little bit of flair while keeping them healthy AND comfortable! Our lightweight dog bandanas are excellent at trapping dander and loose hair so they don’t take over your home OR irritate your pet.

Keep your pet warm in the winter and cool in the summer:
Our dog bandanas provide ample body coverage to keep them snug in the winter. During summer months, bandanas help prevent sunburn and by moistening your dog bandana before each wear, you can guarantee hours of chilled out relief during the heat!

Changing them out is a snap and all are machine washable.

Available Sizes

Available Sizes

  Length Width
Small 20.25″ 11.5″
Medium  25.75″ 14.25″
Large 32.5″ 18.25″

Fabric Color Options

Seersucker Blue w/ Alligators
Seersucker Blue w/ Anchors
Seersucker Blue w/ Blue Crab
Seersucker Blue w/ Horses
Seersucker Blue w/ Labs
Seersucker Blue w/ Lobster
Seersucker Blue w/ Marlin
Seersucker Blue w/ Sailboats
Seersucker Blue w/ Shamrocks
Seersucker Blue w/ Starfish
Seersucker Blue w/ Tuna Fish
Seersucker Blue w/American Flags
Seersucker Blue w/Bow Ties
Seersucker Blue w/Flamingo
Seersucker Blue w/Martini
Seersucker Blue w/Multi Flags
Seersucker Blue w/Skulls
Seersucker Pink w/ Alligators
Seersucker Pink w/ Anchors
Seersucker Pink w/ Blue Crab
Seersucker Pink w/ Horses
Seersucker Pink w/ Labs
Seersucker Pink w/ Lobster
Seersucker Pink w/ Marlin
Seersucker Pink w/ Sailboats
Seersucker Pink w/ Shamrocks
Seersucker Pink w/ Skulls
Seersucker Pink w/ Starfish
Seersucker Pink w/ Tuna Fish
Seersucker Pink w/American Flags
Seersucker Pink w/Bow Ties
Seersucker Pink w/Flamingo
Seersucker Pink w/Martini
Seersucker Pink w/Multi Flags

Personalization Options:

What do you want your dog bandana to say? A name and number for safety? A clever message or mantra for you and your pup? Or something entirely unique? The possibilities are endless, so get started today and fill out your details above.

Yellow Dog Design

Smart Designs, Made With Your Pet in Mind.

Yellow Dog’s Dog Bandanas are Made in our plant in Greensboro, NC with some Global Materials and come in a variety unique designs, from holidays to limited edition, there is a perfect style for your pup. 

This Product is Designed, Personalized and Made to order with some imported materials in Greensboro, NC. All of our designs are created with pets in mind, Yellow Dog Design is dedicated to keeping our lines fresh and exciting and full of hot sellers.

From Design to Print to Sewing, we oversee every step to ensure that you receive the finest quality product. We are committed to making the world a better place, trying each year to make our facility green.


  • Made in our plant in Greensboro, NC with some Global Materials
  • Computer generated art is actually part of the bandana
  • Print won’t rub off and is dyed into the fabric
  • Dog Bandanas are made out of durable 100% Polyester
  • Three Sizes to Fit Every Dog
  • Colorful Patterns That Can Be Swapped Daily
  • Personalize Your Dog’s Look
  • Repeat Prints Colors Every Inch
  • Made For Dogs With an Active Lifestyle
  • Machine Washable

Our Guarantee

Our products are made of 100% Dye-Sublimated Durable Polyester, Colorfast and are machine washable. Any defective product can be returned and will be promptly replaced.