Braided Rope Multi Color Training Dog Slip Collar


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Braided Rope Multi Color Training Dog Slip Collar

The Braided Rope Multi Color Training Dog Slip Collar is the perfect and humane training collar for your dog! If your dog pulls during a training session, the slip command collar will tighten until your pooch corrects, at which point it will loosen. Even though these collars are very strong, they are still soft on your dog’s neck. Featuring a heavy duty polyester braid with a cushioned cord to be more comfortable for your pup and prevent matted fur. Our Braided Rope Multi Color Training Dog Slip Collar is made with fine-quality polyester for a more comfortable and breathable fit. These slip collars are a great alternative to chain slip collars.

Product Highlights

  • Tightens when pulled and loosens when your dog heeds your correction.

  • A great alternative to traditional chain slip collars for training.

  • Durable thick polyester rope for extreme durability.

  • Available in 10 colors and multiple sizes

  • Matching Leashes Available

  • Made in our plant in Greensboro, NC with some Global Materials

  • All weather nickel plated O-Ring for tag or leash attachment




This dog collar utilizes a slip closure, also called a choker style collar. Sizing is given as a single neck length.  Measure your dogs neck size or its current collar length (not including buckles) to obtain correct sizing, and then select a size approx 1-2 inches larger


Available Sizes:

  • 14″ length x 3/8″ rope
  • 16″ length x 3/8″ rope
  • 18″ length x 3/8″ rope
  • 20″ length x 3/4″ rope
  • 24″ length x 3/4″ rope
  • 26″ length x 3/4″ rope

 Available Colors:

  • Black & Orange
  • Bright Green & Blue
  • Dark Teal & Brown
  • Khaki and Olive
  • Light Blue and Brown
  • Multi Color
  • Pink and Brown
  • Pink and Yellow