Bright & Fun Braid Dog Ball Launcher Toy


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Product Description

The Yellow Dog Ball Launcher is a fun, easy to use toy with a stylish flair. A dog ball launcher helps you get more hands-on with your dog’s playtime. You won’t have to worry about touching a saliva covered ball ever again or reaching into your dog’s mouth to retrieve the toy with this innovative design. It features a 7 ½ inch loop for a comfortable grip that allows you to get the ball back after it is retrieved and to easily fling the ball further than your standard tennis ball. If toss gets stale, it can also double as a fun way to play tug-of-war with your pet. The fabric will keep the ball from rolling away on flat surfaces so that you never lose your toy. Every inch of the dog ball launcher has a repeating pattern with a grey tennis ball sowed in. The ball throw is 1”x by 15” in size.

Personalization Options

We’ve all been there, you throw a ball, and somehow it goes into the woods. Maybe, some other dog ran away with your ball throw at the dog park. By adding your name and number, you can identify your toy and easily retrieve it.

Available Designs

Bacon & Eggs
B’s Balls
Beach Party
Comic Print
Green Daisy
Hot Dogs
Pineapples on Yellow
Tie Dye
Sea Turtle

Yellow Dog Design

Yellow Dog Design is located in the city of Greensboro, North Carolina. The company uses dye sublimation or heat transfer to give its products colorful designs. The company believes in making safe products that are tested by their team of dogs before being offered on the market.

Each product is carefully overseen from sewing to packaging to guarantee only the best quality toys are sold.

Product Guarantee

Yellow Dog wants you to be fully satisfied with your dog ball launcher. If your dog manages to chew it up or you find a defect simply contact our team for a free exchange or replacement. Our product guarantee covers your toy. The dog ball launcher is made to be 100% machine washable.