Glass is Half Full Irish Dog Collar with Tag-A-Long


Now with the revolutionary Tagalong System. The patent pending ID Tag holder system is built right into your collar! Perfect for moving your dogs ID Tags to a different collar. No more broken finger nails or scratched ID tags.    NOTE, this system is only for sizes Small, Medium, and Large.  Other sizes will utilize a standard clasp

This limited edition AWWWSOME Dog Collar proudly serves up a refreshing design to you and your kin (ie your dog)

This dog collar utilizes a quick clasp closure, also called a side release clasp. Sizing is given as a range of neck lengths.  Measure your dogs neck size or its current collar length (not including buckles) to obtain correct sizing.
  • Teacup (4″ to 9″ long x 3/8″wide) 
  • X-Small (8″ to 12″ long x 3/8″wide)
  • Small (10″ to 14″ long x 3/4″wide)
  • Medium 3/4″ Wide (14″ to 20″ long x 3/4″wide)
  • Medium 1″ Wide (14″ to 20″ long x 1″wide)
  • Large (18″ to 28″ long x 1″wide)