Reflective Waterproof Dog Collar with Nameplate for Big Dogs

Got a big dog that goes outside?  This BIG dog collar for BIG dogs has both a reflective strip and space to personalize the collar with any info you want.  The 1.5 inch wide reflective dog collar is odor proof, stain proof, waterproof, and made to be worn while outdoors.  Polyurethane coated and extremely reflective for high visibility in low light and/or dangerous conditions. BRIGHT white reflection, resistant to odor, soil, water, rotting, tearing, chewing, and just about anything else your dog can do to it. 

This dog collar utilizes a BUCKLE STYLE closure. Sizing is given as the Size # (total length of the collar) and the Wearable Length (where the sizing holes are). See below for additional details

REMEMBER, these collars can be cut and additional holes added with no special melting or burning required like regular nylon

  • Size 21 :  21″ long – 15-19″” Wearable Length – 1.5 inches wide
  • Size 23 :  23″ long – 17-21″” Wearable Length – 1.5 inches wide
  • Size 25 :  25″ long – 19-23″” Wearable Length – 1.5 inches wide
  • Size 27 :  27″ long – 21-25″” Wearable Length – 1.5 inches wide